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Watsonville Buddhist Temple is a Temple of the Jodo Shinshu Nishi Hongwanji tradition of Buddhism. Jodo Shinshu began over 800 years ago in Japan, and is still headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, at the Nishi Hongwanji Main Temple. Our tradition is supported in the United States by Buddhist Churches of America (BCA). We are part of the Coast District of the BCA.

We strive to follow the path to enlightenment by preserving faith in the Three Treasures: Dharma (the teachings), Sangha (the people), and Buddha (the Enlightened One).

  • June 4 - Japanese Service at
    9:30 AM with Rev. Matsubayashi & Sunday and Shotsuki Hoyo Service at 10 AM
  • June 11 Sunday Service at
    2:00 PM (Rev. Shinseki)
  • June 18 Sunday Service at
    10:00 AM (Rev. Shinseki)
  • June 25 Sunday Service at
    10:00 AM (Rev. Shinseki)
  • July 8 Saturday Hatsubon Service at 4:00 PM (Rev. Shinseki and Guest Speaker-Rev. Hiroshi Abiko) (Includes Shotsuki Hoyo and
    1 year memorial service
    for Rev. Hanayama)

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