March 13, 2020

Dear Watsonville Temple Members,

We know everyone has been concerned about all the news regarding COVID-19, or Corona Virus.  COVID-19 virus is projected to effect many individuals in their own personal health, personal well-being, and activities.

Our concerns are the health and spiritual welfare of our temple members and guests of our temple.  Your Watsonville Temple Board members has the same concerns.

With this in mind, the Watsonville Temple Board has decided to POSTPONE all public events including Sunday services until further notice. 

We apologize for any inconvenience that this decision may have cause you.  This decision, as well as deciding what to do with future temple services and activities and events, is what the board felt is most beneficial for our Sangha and community guests.

Please visit the ToDo Institute to help cope with stressful times.

ToDo Institute

Respectfully in Gassho,

Rev. Jay Shinseki

Resident Minister Watsonville Buddhist Temple

Ken Tanimoto

Watsonville Buddhist Temple President

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