The Buddhist Dharma or teachings have been transmitted over the centuries and over the continents of India, China, Japan and now into the Western world.  Understanding Pure Land teachings is one aspect of the many teachings of the Buddha.  We will trace the teachings of the Pure Land tradition from Shakyamuni Buddha to the emergence of Mahayana teachings.  We will show the connection to Chinese Buddhist thought and Japanese development of the Pure Land teachings. 

Participants will learn of the great masters of Pure Land Buddhism and the sutras that are central to Pure Land Buddhism.   We will examine the development of Pure Land Buddhism and why it is so relevant in today’s world. 

Wednesday Nights

7:00 PM – 8:30  PM

Via Zoom

March 3-April 21, 2021

General course fees                $20

Members of the Tri-Temple (Salinas, Monterey or Watsonville) Buddhist Temples receive a discount on registration      $15

Instructor:                               Rev. Hosei Shinseki, M.A.     Resident Minister, Watsonville &

                                                                                                Monterey Buddhist Temples

To register email                     centcoasttritemple@gmail.com


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