All you have to do is order Chinese food from a Panda Express restaurant near you. The
Temple receives a percentage of ONLINE ORDERS placed for Fri., Oct. 14.
What is great is you can tell all of your family and friends all over the United States to order
any items on the Panda website where they live and we get a percentage from their order.
THIS IS APPLICABLE only on Fri., Oct. 14 to ONLINE ORDERS (using Code 909556) and picked
up at your favorite Panda Express. If you have any questions, please call Temple office at
(831) 724-7860 or email: buddhist@wbtemple.org.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
For ONLY those who do not have internet ordering capabilities, the Temple can order
for you, provided you are able to pay in advance and pick up your order at the
Watsonville Buddhist Temple on Fri., Oct. 14. Pick-up times that day are from 1:30pm
to 3:00 pm. Upon request, in-town delivery will be available. Please mark your order
if you want this.
These are the choices you have:
A: ½ chow mein and ½ fried rice, orange chicken and broccoli & beef
B: ½ chow mein and ½ fried rice, chicken & green beans and Beijing beef
_________________________________ __________________________
Name Phone #

I select: _______ qty of A x $15.00 = ____________________
_______ qty of B x $15.00 = ____________________
TOTAL: ____________________

Please enclose your payment with your order form and mail to: Watsonville Buddhist
Temple; 423 Bridge Street; Watsonville, CA 95076. PRE-ORDERS DUE by Fri., Oct.


Watsonville Buddhist Temple

 See’s Candies Fund Raiser

**Two Ways to Order**

  1. See’s Candy Temple Website

Order directly thru the Temple See’s Candy Website and have your candy shipped directly to you or your friends.  Shipping is complimentary for     orders over $70.  Orders do not ship till 11/10 and the Last date to order thru the website is 12/2.   To place your order—scan the QR code on the form below or follow this link:



  1. Pick Up at the Temple on Sunday, December 11
  • Using the order form below, send your order with payment to the Temple Office by Nov 19.
  • Pick up Day—Sunday, December 11 (9AM-1PM)
  • TO ORDER: Mail form & payment to Temple Office

423 Bridge St/ Watsonville CA 95076 / buddhist@wbtemple.org

For Credit Card Orders, call Temple Office 831.724.7860


Ichimi Flyer Sees candy 9.21.22

To the Watsonville Buddhist Temple Sangha & Friends:

It has been a long two years but the Temple Board of Directors is pleased to announce that we feel confident that we can reopen the Temple for Sunday services .  We will be following certain protocols for the safety of our members and guests.  We will continue to ask that you wear masks inside.  Windows will be opened in the Hondo for air ventilation.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.  While this will be a gradual re-opening, the Board will continue to review and refine our protocols as we reunite soon.

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