The Air Outside is Fine

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you are  all well and staying healthy.  At a time when being isolated in our homes it can be stressful for our minds  and bodies.  Each  day I try to go out for a walk and get some fresh air.  Although  the  governor has asked  us to stay in our homes, we can go outside in our backyards and get some fresh air.  It will do us  good to breath in the  air and feel  the  sun on our bodies.

Yesterday I went for a walk to the grocery store and noticed something very interesting.  First  there  weren’t many people walking around or  driving their  cars.  While I was walking, I  did encounter a few people and each one of them kept their 6′ distance from me.  But that  wasn’t what was interesting.  What was interesting is that every single person I ran into said, “Hello”  or  “Good Afternoon”.  In my prior walks  around the neighborhood, most  people were walking  and  rarely  would  they  say hello.  Many were wearing headphones  or earplugs listening to  music.

Could this be a result of a  shared  experience?   Could it be that people are sensing that  we  are  all in  this  difficult situation together and  understand what we  are all going through?  I like  to think that difficult situations like this bring us closer together.  Perhaps there is an understanding of the interrelationship of all things and sentient beings.

“You may say  I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”  Thank you John Lennon.  Sadly, sometimes it takes a dilemma or shared suffering to bring us together.

Please think of your neighbors and friends during this difficult time.


Rev. Shinseki