Temple Events

The Watsonville Buddhist Temple holds several annual events that are fun, informative and usually involve delicious food! For a more complete calendar of events and to confirm dates and times please call the Temple at (831)724-7860.

Hanamatsuri means Spring Flower Festival. It is a day to enjoy good food and demonstrations of Japanese arts and crafts. Watsonville Hanamatsuri Festival held each Spring.

Obon is a time of joyous celebration and gratitude to the generations who went before us and gave us the gift of life. The highlight of the day is colorful dancing in which the community is invited to participate. Dance practice is held Monday and Wednesday evenings starting mid June. Everyone is welcome. Watsonville Obon Festival is held in July.

Mochi Making is done every year on a Sunday morning in December. Get some exercise and mochi this December. Mochi orders are taken before the event.