Buddhist Education

The Watsonville Buddhist Temple will  periodically offer courses to the members and public on Buddhist topics of interest.  Classes offered range in topics from general Buddhism to specific Jodoshinshu topics.  Below are some of the courses offered.

Introduction to Buddhism.

This course will provide for the student a basic introduction to general Buddhism.  Students will learn about the history, culture and rituals contained within the Buddhist religion.  Topics will include the life of Shakyamuni Buddha and his major sermons.  We will examine what is known as the six Paramitas, the six realms of existence and the Buddhist view of life and death.  Contained within the traditions, rituals and culture of Buddhism are wonderful life lessons and tools we will learn for everyday living.  As we examine Buddhism we will also examine its relevance to our everyday lives.

Introduction to Jodoshinshu Buddhism.

This course will examine the life of Shinran Shonin one of the major figures in Japanese history and Buddhism.  We will review how Shinran’s life experiences affected his thought and teachings. We will then examine the Kyogoshinsho Shinran’s magnum opus.

Buddhism Around the World

This course will provide for the student an overview of the history of Buddhism and its emergence from India to Asia and the West.  We will examine some of the cultural influences Buddhism has adapted into its teaching and some of the resultant differences in practices, customs and rituals.

History of Jodoshinshu Buddhism

Jodoshinshu (True Pure Land School) Buddhism is one of the largest schools of Buddhism in Japan and has developed temples in the United States, Canada, South America, Australia and Europe.  Its appeal has been worldwide.  With its beginning in the 12th century with its founder Shinran Shonin, it has withstood the test of time.We will examine Shinran’s life and the subsequent development of Shinshu Buddhism through the tumultuous 13th and 14th centuries in Japan which laid the groundwork for its domination as a major Buddhist school in Japan and in the world today.