Rev. Jay Shinseki

Rev. Jay Shinseki Resident Minister for Watsonville

A word from Reverend Shinseki:

2020 The year of the Eco-Sangha.  From the Institute of Buddhist Studies Statement on Climate Change.  “The human created climate crisis that we are facing is brought on and worsened by the three poisons of greed, anger and ignorance.  The understanding and application in our lives of the interconnected causality of all things is what we hope to stress in the year 2020.  As Buddhists we should be of the profound consequences of our behavior on future generations.  Our greed hostility and ignorance on an individual, national and international basis makes us complicit in the destruction of our environment.  As a core value of the temple we must also add purpose to make our temple significant and impactful.”

Therefore, we wish to demonstrate active and responsible practices at all our temple activities that are sustainable and protect and preserve natural and social environments.