Temple Organizations


Organizations affiliated with the Watsonville Buddhist Temple support the church and community. For more information please call the Temple at (831)724-7860.

ABA (Adult Buddhist Association): This group of adults maintains a strong association with the Temple and provides much support and many services. ABA members are involved with fund raising, maintenance, recreational and other activities.
BWA (Buddhist Women’s Association or Fujinkai): This group of adult women is a backbone of the Temple and supports its activities financially and with tireless work. BWA maintains a youth scholarship program. Much of the delicious food and other items enjoyed at Temple events are prepared behind the scenes by BWA.
YBA (Young Buddhist Association): The YBA is a group of high school age youth that promotes activites that build character, social skills and leadership. The YBA holds pancake breakfasts and spaghetti feeds and participates in major Temple events. YBA members travel to other communities to take part in conferences, sports and social activities.